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Two Angolans involved in fuel smuggling and adulteration arrested

The Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) arrested two men, following the dismantling of a network of smuggling and adulteration of fuel, in the municipality of Cacuaco, Luanda province, which mixed oil to diesel for sale.


According to a note from SIC, to which Lusa news agency had access this Friday, the network was dismantled on Thursday, through an investigative work that involved the central directorate for combating organized crime, and those involved were caught mixing diesel and oil for sale in the municipalities of Luvo and Malanje.

The suspects arrested are drivers of tanker trucks belonging to a service company, which after being refueled from Sonangol, deviated from the route to proceed with the transshipment of diesel to be mixed with oil.

The investigations revealed that the adulterated fuel was then reloaded and packed in 20 thousand liters tanks, in order to be transported to the Luanda railroad station, from where it was sent to the Malanje province.

"Refer that the other part of the fuel removed and mixed was placed in 250, 150 and 25-liter drums, to be commercialized informally in the Luvo market, Zaire province, and also in Luanda," the note pointed out.

Those involved in the operation of mixing diesel and oil have been engaged in this criminal action for some time in exchange for 100,000 kwanzas for each operation.

The SIC also seized in the same operation four tanker trucks, filled with fuel, a vehicle, 133 250-liter drums with fuel, two tanks filled with oil, one with 20 thousand and the other with 60 thousand liters, two pumps, two safes, among other means.

The arrested citizens will be presented to the Public Prosecutor's Office, while diligence continues to determine and arrest others involved.

The trafficking of fuel in the country is a problem that the authorities have been facing for several decades, with regular seizures of large quantities of fuel, mostly destined for the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.