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Government wants inventory and legalisation of Social Security buildings

The government created a working group to inventory and legalize the assets allocated to the National Institute of Social Security (INSS), after detecting movable and immovable assets not legalized, according to a presidential order.


The Presidential Order, dated 17 February, points out that the INSS is the owner of "a vast patrimony" essentially constituted by real estate.

However, it was verified "the existence of a certain number of movable and immovable assets that are not legalized and not even catalogued in the patrimony acquis" of the INSS.

The President of the Republic, João Lourenço, has therefore decided to create a working group in charge of the survey, inventory and legalization of all the assets assigned to the INSS, which should present a preliminary report within 30 days.

The commission should inventory the assets of the INSS at the national level and create conditions for the legalization of the entire collection, ensuring the involvement of provincial governments in the survey process.

The group, coordinated by the Inspector General of State Administration, integrates the Ministers of Finance, Public Administration, Labour and Social Security, and of Justice and Human Rights.

The work should be concluded within 120 days.