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"The artistic area I work with takes up almost 5 hours of my day"

At only 21, Irina Madaleno is already a reference in the digital world. The number of followers is surprising: in instagram she has 15.8 thousand followers and in youtube the subscribers surpass the four thousand mark (4.47 thousand). With an assiduous presence in social networks, Irina Madaleno conquers the hearts of her fans with her bold and artistic make-up. VerAngola has been talking to the digital to understand how the backstage of those who chose digital life for a profession work.


Tell us a little bit about yourself. Who is Irina Madaleno?

Well if we are going to talk about me in relation to my less "deep" data, I am 21 years old, I am in my last year of Marketing Management at IPAM, in relation to my description and about who I am, I would say that I am a very dreamy, determined, positive and very ambitious person!

When and how did the idea of working with social networks come about? Have I always wanted to be a digital influencer? Have any or a few digital influences aroused your passion for the profession?

Many of the influences that in a way influenced my beginnings in social networks are people from various countries, of different personalities and also different contents. Regarding the beginning of my artistic makeup, one beauty influence that definitely awakened my interest in the area was Korena Rebecca. In terms of personality and of showing more what I am without any kind of shame was Bretman Rock.

How do the backstage of your work work work? Basically explain to us how you manage your time, the partnership with the brands, how the creative process of the content you produce works, among others.

It's a very complicated process to manage sometimes, because besides giving my best and spending a lot of time on my art, I also have to have a great focus on my degree and my makeup artist work for my clients. I think that sometimes my strategy is to organize the time I have for each activity in my calendar, since the artistic area I work with takes a lot of time of my day: it takes almost five hours of my day.

As for creating content for brands, I haven't had much experience yet because I haven't had enough partnerships to have a linear creation process. However, of the few I have done, it is something that no matter how small I give my 110 percent and I dedicate myself completely to the work that was asked of me!

The process of creating what I do is something very based on what I see, I use social networks like Instagram and Pinterest to visualize certain ideas that I have, I also try to find certain arts (paintings, drawings) with which I identify and can later reproduce in me in a different way.

Do you have followers from all over the world or is the community only from Angola?

I have followers from all over the world. It is something that makes me very happy, because although I am very happy with my Angolan public, the "internationalization" of my public is something that I have a lot of interest! I don't like any kind of barriers and I think that sometimes the language ends up being a very big limitation in the communication and understanding between me and my audience, that's why I often approach certain topics in English, because I'm aware that my audience doesn't just contain Portuguese speaking people.

What is it like to be a digital Angolan influence? Is it recognized in public?

Honestly sometimes it's a bit toxic, although I'm very grateful for the affection coming from most people, there's also a rather toxic environment in social networks that sometimes makes you question a lot about yourself and your own art, so I would say you have your good side and your bad side!

I am recognized in public, which sincerely makes me sometimes super embarrassed but in a good sense!

Tell us a ridiculous story that has happened to you so much in the preparation of your work or in a meeting with a fan.

I don't have many stories, but one that definitely marked me positively was once I was in a clothing store and I was absolutely in the clouds because a collection of one of my favourite singers had just come out. I was so happy and so distracted looking at the clothes that I was picking up and picking up to see if there was still my size. At the same time a girl picks up the same piece of clothing that I and she looks at my face and, with a shocked expression and no words, asked me if it was really me, I answered yes and she was super happy and asked me for a picture, praised my work a lot, asked me for a hug and thanked me. It was one of the best days for me because I had never felt anything like it!

What are your favourite digital influences these days?

Bretman Rock, Jackie Aina, Nikita Dragun, among others.

As for future work, what can we see this year from you? Any surprises for 2020?

I have many projects for the year 2020, starting by investing in more content on both my art and service pages and as we will always have the beloved month of Halloween this year I can't wait for it to start although there's plenty of time left! I think it will be a year of change and definitely growth in all departments of my life!


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