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UNITA confirms CNE notification and says it “promptly” filled gaps in the accounts

UNITA confirmed this Monday that it was notified by the National Electoral Commission, more than a month ago, and that it had “promptly” filled in the gaps pointed out in the 2022 election accounts, reaffirming that it did everything “in the light of the law”.

: Paulo Novais/EPA
Paulo Novais/EPA  

The spokesman for the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), Marcial Dachala, who last Thursday denied Lusa had received the notification from the CNE, decided this Monday to bring an "element of precision" confirming the subpoena.

"In fact, more than a month ago, we were notified, according to the CNE (National Electoral Commission), our report would have some gaps, these gaps were promptly filled and sent to the CNE", he said this Monday to Lusa.

After the last notification, he added, "we were no longer notified and our hope is that we will have fulfilled everything in accordance with the law. Until we are notified, we are confident that we have done everything in due and good form, in accordance with the law."

Dachala said last week that UNITA had not been notified by the CNE of any reservations regarding the accounts for the August 2022 elections.

To Lusa, Marcial, the UNITA spokesman, said that his party was one of the first to present the accounts and "has not had, until now" any notification from the National Electoral Commission (CNE) "about possible reservations".

"Therefore, if there is one or another reservation on the part of the CNE, we will be notified and in due time we will respond to clarify", argued the deputy of the 'maninhos'.

The National Electoral Commission recently approved the accounts of the parties that ran for the general elections held in August 2022, with reservations in the cases of the Humanist Party of Angola (PHA) and UNITA.

Regarding the PHA, the representative, Nsimba Lwalwa, confirmed to Lusa that his party received, almost two months ago, a notification from the CNE about some missing invoices in its accounts report and that this was "promptly supplied".

"We did receive some notification from the CNE regarding some invoices, but that too has already been answered and has already been clarified and after that we no longer received any information from the CNE, for almost two months. It gives me to understand that everything is fine", justified.

The document approved by the CNE plenary session on 19 January does not contain the reports of the Social Renewal Party (PRS) and the National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA), "which did not present to the CNE, within the deadlines established by law, their rendering of accounts", reveals the body in a note released on its website.

Eight parties and coalitions competed in the general elections of August 24, 2022, but the CNE only received the accounts reports of six political formations, of which four were approved without reservation: CASA-CE coalition, Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), Nationalist Party for Justice in Angola (P-Njango) and National Patriotic Alliance (APN).

The PHA and UNITA reports were approved with reservations, the same note indicates, without specifying which ones.


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