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Zambian PR asks Angola for inclusive laws to support joint investment

This Wednesday, the Zambian President appealed to Angolan deputies to make inclusive laws that guarantee the rights of citizens and legislation that supports the desire for joint investment between Angola and Zambia.


"I call on this parliament to pass laws that support the consolidation of peace, stability and security in your country, so that you can support the peace and stability of Zambia, SADC [Southern African Development Community] and the world," said Hakainde Hichilema.

With a speech essentially focused on economic cooperation, which also addressed issues of stability and peace in the region, the President of Zambia, Hakainde Hichilema, spoke this Wednesday at a solemn plenary session at the National Assembly, scheduled as part of the official visit, 72 hours, which takes place in Angola until Thursday.

According to the Zambian President, the responsibility of the deputies is great, so they must exercise this responsibility in a public way.

"Make laws that can support collective existence, make laws, amend laws, as you have seen in our country, we are amending laws. This year 2023 we call for the opening of all laws that affect the development of our country", stressed.

Hakainde Hichilema stressed that he was in the opposition before assuming the Presidency of Zambia and knows the importance of working together after the elections to provide services for the good of the population.

"The elections come and after that people will make the choice and those chosen must work to serve the populations. I know because I was in the opposition for a long time and I can recognize the obligation that you have to the people of Angola and our region in Africa," he said.

"Please make laws that can support the desire for us to be able to invest together, there are times when parliaments can create roadblocks on the views of our peoples, but we trust you and we trust the Zambian parliament, we will work together, talk, build relationships, bonds, learn from each other, correct each other, I think this is the way we should go," he added.

In turn, the President of the National Assembly, Carolina Cerqueira, expressed the desire to strengthen cooperation relations between the Angolan and Zambian parliaments with a view to exchanging experiences and good practices in the search for the best solutions to solve the problems of peoples and countries.

"The Angolan parliament is available to work on defining a new strategy for strengthening interparliamentary cooperation with the Zambian parliament, within the framework of parliamentary diplomacy, committing itself to providing all the conditions for us to create the group of Angola-Zambia friendship at the level of our parliaments", said Carolina Cerqueira.


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