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Glamping Point: “Our target audience is those who like new adventures”

Located on the Mussulo peninsula, Glamping Point is ideal for those who enjoy camping. Already with the tents set up, this hotel can be the perfect place for those who want to take a few days to relax. VerAngola has been talking to the creators of the hotel to better understand its concept.


Your concept is based on the idea of providing guests with a more luxurious camping experience. How did the idea come about?

My husband and I (at the time boyfriend) in our youth loved to camp in Mussulo's language, with a tent, a sleeping bag, a thermal box, an adapted stove and we stayed for weeks on end.

In the meantime, with age and children we stopped doing it... And a new, super interesting concept emerged around the world, which was basically the junction of camping with the comfort of a conventional room, and in some cases the luxury inherent in a hotel room.

I immediately loved the idea and I followed the concept, I did research, I matured the idea, I made plans and... Glamping Point came up!

Besides the luxurious tents also provide a kitchen for guests to cook their own meals. Why did you decide to create this? To provide the whole camping experience?

Partly to offer a more "real" camping experience, but also not to impose a menu on our guests, as is usually the case in resorts.

To give a family the chance to go out for the weekend and not leave half their salary in food.

Give the guest the possibility to have the power of choice, of what to eat, when to eat and spend less!

Since the concept is different from usual hotels, and guests are free to cook their meals and sleep in a tent, how do the backstage of the hotel work?

The most complicated thing in our system is the maintenance of the tents. Tents require constant, daily maintenance, unlike masonry or wooden rooms (which also require maintenance, but less frequently).

It has also proven to be quite complex, the "resort idea" and the constant comparison with those on the market.

We are not a resort, we are a GLAMPING, where our services and amenities are different from the others... because this has always been the idea, WE ARE DIFFERENT!

I believe that the concept of the hotel is successful. Is the feedback you get positive? Do people promise to come back and praise the concept?

Actually, it's been very well accepted, we've received quite positive feedback.

Of course there's always "that pre-established resort idea" I mentioned earlier. But yes, at two years of age, we've been loyal to 40 percent of our clientele. They came to meet us, they liked it, and they became customers of the house!

Did the idea for the hotel have any influence on other hotels?

We did an exhaustive research of the concept, there are several types of Glampings around the world, there are the luxury Glampings, which equate to five star hotels, there are the most land to land, with shared bathrooms and no air conditioning and we ended up being influenced by each of them, and adapted to our reality, our needs and climate. Thus our glamping was born!

What is your target audience? Portuguese, Angolans, who attends the hotel the most?

Our target audience is in fact, those who like new adventures, who are open to new experiences, who are willing to do eco-tourism and social tourism, here we emphasize the interactivity and socialization between guests and the house.

We have had a very varied frequency. Nationals and foreigners, families, couples, groups of friends, with a wide range of ages - between 18 and 60.


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