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Óscar Ribas Museum House


Founded in 4 of June of 1983 by the extinct Secretary of State of Culture, the Óscar Ribas Museum House intends to preserve the life and work of the writer, ethnographer and essayist Óscar Ribas.

The Casa Museu is composed by nine exhibition rooms, being one of them dedicated to the life and work of the author. The remaining ones show the goods that Óscar Ribas has acquired throughout his life. Among these goods are clocks, cameras and typewriters.

The house also has a library full of books, which once belonged to the writer. In this library you will find centennial books, some works written in Braille and magazines dated from colonial times.

In addition to personal belongings, the house is also equipped with antique furniture, brought from Portugal by Óscar Ribas' great grandfathers.

The Casa Museu Óscar Ribas is located at Comandante Eurico street, in the Cruzeiro area.