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Price of toys forces families to greater financial 'gymnastics' in the festive season

Toys are, most of the time, chosen by parents as a Christmas present for the little ones. However, this festive season, the prices of toys will force families to be more financially agile in order to make their children happy.


Battery operated dolls and cars are at the top of the list of most popular toys. Thus, according to a survey carried out by Expansão, parents who wish to offer dolls will have to spend between 1000 kwanzas on the informal market and 4999 kwanzas on Shoprite.

As for battery-operated cars, prices range from 4000 kwanzas at the Asa Branca market to 12,999 kwanzas at Candando.

There are also options for those who want to offer a more daring toy, however, the weight in the wallet will be greater. The most expensive toy found in stores and markets by Expansão was a four-wheel motorcycle, whose value is around 220,000 kwanzas in one of the supermarkets in Luanda.

There are also situations where the informal price is higher than the formal one. One example is the Moana doll, whose price in Megafrica is 4446 kwanzas while in the São Paulo market it is 6000 kwanzas, says Expansão.

For this survey, the same newspaper used as criteria products with similar characteristics, although the toys, in terms of brand, range, potency and quality are different. Something that, according to one of the managers of Megáfrica to Expansão, "results in the huge disparity in prices that can be seen in the market".

Genoveva André, who has two children, told Expansão that in the last two years she has spent around 100,000 kwanzas on gifts for her children, assuming that this year the budget could increase, taking into account the fact that she felt an increase in prices.

"Last year I bought a tricycle here (Shoprite) for 7,000 kwanzas, now it's almost 10,000 kwanzas. Until I buy everything I need, I imagine that this year it could reach 150,000 kwanzas", she said.

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