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Rose Palhares celebrates 10 years of career with new collection

Rose Palhares recently presented a new collection, called 'LEVELZ'. Created in collaboration with the musician Prodígio, the new collection was presented at the fashion show commemorating the stylist's 10-year career.


This collection "enhances and glorifies social causes and social responsibility, targeting a new niche, dominated by entrepreneurs and creatives who, by virtue of their actions, have an impact on different communities", reads a statement sent to VerAngola

Quoted in the note, Rose Palhares said it was "a pride and an honor to present this new collection".

"It was a pride and an honor to present this new collection, which is 90 percent unisex and 100 percent Angolan. A work that proves that, after all, it is possible to do good things in our country, using our resources, whether human or materials," she said.

"This collection, so colorful, asymmetrical and daring, which can be used by women as well as men, reminds us that the most important thing is not who we are, but the impact we make", she added.

In this collection – which is officially sponsored by Textang, which is responsible for 90 percent of the fabrics used in making the pieces – the stylist debuted in collaboration with the musician Prodígio who, although coming from a completely different area, Rose Palhares identifies with and defends the same principles and values, says the note.

"This show was my arrival in the world of fashion, my world of fashion. I always heard that when I reached my first decade everything would change, and it really did. But really, after 10 years of career, there are things that make us wake up from those dreams. And what woke me up was the responsibility and the certainty that I can do anything, as long as I believe in myself", she emphasized.

The event took place last Wednesday (21 December), at Tenda da Ilha, in the capital. According to the statement, "the island was chosen for the event, as it best represents the Angolan nature of the new collection. In a setting overlooking the sea, the fashion show was marked by shades of orange and white, which for the stylist symbolize the liveliness and strength you need on a day-to-day basis to make a difference".

At the event, Prodígio was also announced as the new creative director of Rose Palhares Ready-to-Wear.

"We are going to work a little harder on what will be the future for all of us. It is time to solidify our brands, our things. I think that the spaces and ideas that we have should not be left to us alone. This collection was made with great care. dedication and a lot of affection, and I'm happy to be part of the team", said the musician, quoted in the statement.

The event was attended by 300 guests, and the fashion show featured more than 40 models, including professionals and celebrities, such as Bruna Sousa and Gémeos da Gazela.

The after party, the note adds, was "organized by the artist Binelde Hyrcan, who used his scenography to present the trajectory of the three months of exploration and creativity that resulted in this new collection".

"This after party had the purpose of involving art and spectacle, with the aim of reconnecting the guests with all the work presented here. I am satisfied with the results", said Binelde Hyrcan, also quoted in the statement.


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