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Country wants to elevate Kizomba to intangible heritage of humanity

The elevation of Kizomba to intangible heritage of humanity is part of the country's pretensions. In this sense, as informed by Alice Beirão, assigned to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the Government wishes to submit the candidacy of this musical genre and dance style to that designation to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


Of Angolan origin, Kizomba concerns a musical genre and a style of dance that the person in charge, quoted by Jornal de Angola, said was a "notorious exponent of the national cultural identity".

"It is a notorious exponent of the national cultural identity, recreated after the end of the colonial period, the music quickly began to be danced. Today it is the reason for national and international competitions", she indicated.

The official, who was presenting the "Nationalization of Kizomba Musical Style and Dance" project at the first edition of Expo Feito em Angola, considered that now is the perfect time to do so, under the risk of the country losing recognition of the origin of Kizomba, since this style is currently widespread on the European continent, writes Jornal de Angola.

She also took the opportunity to clarify that the Executive, through the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, created this project to moralize the national and international community of the origin and relevance of this style, and that is why there is the intention to elevate it to intangible heritage of humanity.

A lot of work is expected in order to meet the necessary requirements with UNESCO, said the official, speaking at the conference under the theme "The origins and path of Kizomba".

She also informed that the project is established in this package of activities, which for a year will promote colloquiums, conferences, competitions and festivals both national and international of study as well as appreciation of Kizomba, writes Jornal de Angola.

The festivals and competitions will culminate in the first international Kizomba dance festival, promoted by the Government and which will take place in December of next year, in the capital.

The initiative was applauded by Maneco Vieira, president of the Angolan Dance Association, who referred that this action becomes a "milestone" in the "fight for the appreciation of Kizomba": "For us, as an association, this becomes like a milestone in our fight for the appreciation of Kizomba and we augur that this feat becomes effective as Intangible Heritage of Humanity", he said, quoted by Jornal de Angola.

According to Jornal de Angola, Mucano Charles, international promoter of the Kizomba dance competition, also expressed his satisfaction with the nationalization initiative and the likely elevation of this dance style to intangible heritage of humanity.

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