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Implementation of renewable energy plant in Namibe starts next year

João Maria da Silva, represented by ENI, revealed this Monday that the implementation of the renewable energy plant in Caraculo, Namibe province, will start next year, with the installation of five power blocks, of the 45 modules planned.


The responsible considered that this project will bring many benefits, highlighting "the reduction of fuel expenses used to move the large generators, reduction of air pollution" and the creation of jobs for young people.

The ENI representative made it known that in the construction phase, the project should "offer 173 jobs".

Cited by Angop, João Maria da Silva also stressed that this project will help to reduce the cost of energy in combination: during the day the energy consumption will be generated by the plant and at night it will be released by the accumulator groups, he explained.

The project will be implemented near the transmission line, which will facilitate the connection to the transmission network.

The person in charge, who was speaking at a meeting with a member of Namibe's civil society, explained that the power station will have a capacity of 15,000 kilowatts. However, a substation will be built with the objective of increasing the power to 70,000 kilowatts.

In the plant, which will have a photo-coastal component, boosters, transformers, among others, will be grouped in five power modes for energy generation.