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Manuel Vicente implicates José Eduardo dos Santos in Sonangol's suspected corrupt businesses

Manuel Vicente, former Angolan vice-president, met with João Lourenço, the current President of the Republic, and handed him documents involving his predecessor, José Eduardo dos Santos in Sonangol's corruption business.

: Manuel Vicente e José Eduardo dos Santos
Manuel Vicente e José Eduardo dos Santos  

According to the news advanced by this week's edition of the Portuguese weekly newspaper Expresso (paid access) and quoted by the newspaper Jornal Económico, the former Angolan President is believed to have been responsible for conducting the oil company's flagship business suspected of harming the state, including the purchase of a fleet of Airbus through the China-Sonangol consortium.

In addition, Manuel Vicente will also have mentioned that José Eduardo dos Santos was the one who ordered the construction of three buildings, with funds from Sonangol.

With these documents, the former vice-president aims to dispel the suspicions that fall upon himself and General Manuel Hélder Vieira Dias Júnior "Kopelipa".

According to the Portuguese weekly, the former President, José Eduardo dos Santos, has already tried to contact João Lourenço and the Attorney General, Hélder Pitta Gróz.