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Strategic Food Reserve acquires all national production of soybeans, rice, beans and wheat

The Strategic Food Reserve (REA) will acquire the entire production of soybeans, unpeeled rice, beans and unprocessed wheat from national producers, with pre-fixed prices and ensuring transport costs.

: Forbes África Lusófona
Forbes África Lusófona  

According to information available on the Government's official portal, the measure results from a joint executive decree that defines procedures and prices for the acquisition of nationally produced goods.

The objective is to "stimulate the production and consumption of goods and services of local origin, as well as gradually reduce excessive dependence on imported products".

The products intended for acquisition by the REA are soybeans, paddy rice, beans and unprocessed wheat and can be updated based on prices and respective conservation mechanisms.

A kilogram of soybeans will be purchased from producers for 380 kwanzas, unpeeled rice for 510 kwanzas, beans for 600 kwanzas and unprocessed wheat for 230 kwanzas.

The products must be purchased at the producers' storage location, with weighing and calibration conditions, and their transport costs are borne by REA.

The Government announced in July its intention to establish the REA with nationally produced goods, in order to promote increased domestic production and food security, disclosing at the beginning of each agricultural campaign the products to be purchased on the domestic market, the appropriate specifications and the guaranteed minimum price.

The management of REA returned to the State in September, after the Angolan Government decided to cancel the contract with Gescesta (from Grupo Carrinho) and detailed the reasons that led to the end of the agreement.


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