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Isabel dos Santos will undoubtedly contribute to Angola's political future

Businesswoman Isabel dos Santos said this Tuesday in an interview with TVI/CNN Portugal that she has no doubts “that in one way or another” she will “contribute to the political future” of Angola.


“I aspire to a different country”, he stressed, arguing that Angola “needs a new political future”.

“I think today we have challenges that are different, that are no longer the challenges of independence, they are no longer the challenges of the revolution. Today are the challenges of the economy, of employment”, he stressed, considering that the current political parties, whether in power or in opposition, “are not looking at these issues.”

“There is no vision. There is no plan for Angola. Today there is no vision, there is no strategic plan on how to develop, how to make Angola competitive”, he reiterated.

His participation in Angolan politics is, however, conditioned by the “political persecution” he claims he is being targeted by the current regime.

“As I said a moment ago, there is political persecution precisely to prevent me from being able to make a difference in Angola one day”, he reiterated, noting that in Angola “the law is not enforced”.

“I live in a country where the law is not enforced. I live in Angola that does not have a democratic rule of law. I live in an Angola that violates the Constitution, violates the rights of the citizen and, therefore, I live in a country where the law is not obeyed, therefore, in a country where the law is not obeyed, where the courts are not independent. Our courts are not independent. Our judges receive instructions. Not all, but some judges are used by the system to enforce a political agenda of political power”, he accused, without giving details.

Isabel dos Santos believes that the situation she describes will change. “I believe it will change. And it will change. History tells us that all regimes that did not understand what was needed, that change was necessary and that it was necessary to meet the aspirations of the new generations, all fail”, she said.

In this sense, Isabel dos Santos believes that Angola's younger generations "will force a regime change." “The new generation that wants another Angola, that wants other things for Angola, that has other ambitions and that aspire to see a different Angola, they will make the change, without a doubt”, she declared.


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