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13-year-old angolan will benefit from 5000 euros to continue developing engineering project

Roberto João Mukeba is only 13 years old, but he has already taken great strides in the world of innovation: he created long-lasting batteries and built a mini-electrical plant. The 'small' talent project, discovered in Bengo, attracted the attention of the Portuguese Technical Engineers Association (OETP), which, in a gesture of solidarity, will allocate 5000 euros to the Angolan to continue developing their project.


According to Angop, the order was moved by the Angolan project and decided to support him. Thus, last week, an agreement of understanding was signed between the OETP, the Order of Engineers of Angola and the Provincial Government of Bengo to support Roberto Mukeba, via a scholarship.

After the agreement was signed, the OETP allocated 500 euros to the Angolan to acquire equipment according to his taste.

Augusto Guedes, president of the OETP, revealed to Angop that the remaining 4500 euros will be used to finance the studies of the Angolan, who should count on this support until he finishes higher education.

The agreement, in addition to the funds allocated to Roberto Mukeba, who is currently in the ninth grade, also provides for the provision of another 5,000 euros each year to support primary school no. 708, located in the commune of Canacassala, in Bengo.

The president indicated that this money will be used to purchase school materials, admitting that "it is very important to support pre-school and primary education, as it is the hotbed of future staff in each country."