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Portuguese cooperation center in Angola opens tender for the Small Projects Fund

Camões – Portuguese Cooperation Center opened this Monday, in Angola, the tender for the presentation of proposals to the Small Projects Fund 2021, aimed at helping to minimize needs in the social domain, preferably in health and education.


According to a note from Camões, the competition will be open until the 29th of this month to receive proposals with initiatives that, due to their nature and small budget, are not considered for other types of institutionalized support within the framework of Portuguese cooperation or other development partners.

Local civil society organizations are eligible for the contest, and the duration of the proposal should not exceed the implementation period of one year.

The allocation of support varies from a minimum amount of 1.5 million kwanzas to a maximum of six million kwanzas for projects in the area of ​​health and education.

"The Portuguese Cooperation Center evaluates the proposals according to their relevance, impact, sustainability, geographic location, visibility and attraction of other partnerships that compete to reinforce the implementation of the action/project", the note refers.

Applications can be submitted to the e-mail:, with the subject "Submission of a proposal to the Small Projects Fund 2021", and a presentation of the organization and a recent activity report must be sent, in addition to the application form.