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Costa Júnior accuses Angolan “intelligence” of kidnapping CIVICOP and admits withdrawal from the organization

The leader of UNITA accused the Angolan intelligence services of hijacking the reconciliation commission for victims of political conflicts and admitted abandoning the body.


Adalberto Costa Júnior was speaking at a press conference, after the alleged remains of victims of leaders of the party founded by Jonas Savimbi were shown on Public Television of Angola (TPA), which he classified as a "farce", "a coup de théâtre" aimed at divert attention from the process of dismissal of the President of the Republic announced by the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA).

Condemning the instrumentalization of the TPA by the MPLA's 'intelligence' services, Adalberto Costa Júnior, accused the head of the intelligence services (Fernando Miala) of using the Commission for the Implementation of the Reconciliation Plan in Memory of the Victims of Political Conflicts (CIVICOP ) within the scope of a "personal agenda" of political ascension.

He suggested, on the other hand, the creation of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, following the example of South Africa, which investigated crimes committed during the apartheid regime, from March 1960 to May 1994, "without propaganda offices" that call into question the credibility of the public press.

"The public display of the bones is reprehensible on all counts, it is a desecration", he criticized, saying that, in the last ten days, Angolans have been confronted with images of areas previously controlled by UNITA where supposed bones of well-known names were discovered. of UNITA [some generals and Ana Savimbi, one of Jonas Savimbi's wives], in what he classified as an "exercise of evil" and "propaganda", in which the anonymous people "buried in ditches in all neighborhoods and provinces of Angola" are ignored ".

"It constitutes one of the worst offenses to the memory of the voiceless victims", he said, sympathizing with the families mentioned and questioning whether the Government also intends to display the victims of public shootings and thousands of deaths on May 27, 1977 (date of an alleged coup d'état by a faction of the MPLA that led to violent repression in the years that followed) and other massacres by the party that supports the Government.

"Do you intend to judge Jonas Savimbi? Do you intend to replace the courts? Do you intend to judge the Angolan political process?", he asked, accusing the regime of using other people's pain for political gain.

The political leader stressed that UNITA also did not want to verify the remains of leaders that were handed over to it because it thought it was time to turn the page towards reconciliation, despite suspecting that the remains did not correspond to the victims, and questioned the fact that the delivery was made by the leader of the State Security Information Service (Sinse).

Adalberto Costa Júnior held the head of Sinse responsible for the "hatred" broadcast on public television, and for being the current leader of CIVICOP, replacing the Minister of Justice, the coordinator of the body, who has been left in a "deafening silence" and has been disallowed.

He also defended that CIVICOP must recover the objectives for which it was created and conditioned the continuity of UNITA members in the commission on it resuming its spirit of reconciliation and respecting the approved methodology.

Adalberto Costa Júnior highlighted that UNITA accepted to join CIVICOP in the spirit of reconciliation and assumed its responsibilities towards the victims of the conflicts, starting with Jonas Savimbi himself, who was killed on February 22, 2002, and continuing with other leaders with "reiterated apologies" to date.

"I once again offer a sincere apology," he said, adding that no one in Angola can throw stones because everyone has lost family and loved ones.


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