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Suspension of customs duties on goods in the basic basket lasts until the end of November

The suspension of customs duties on seven food products in the basic basket, with a view to controlling the rise in prices, will last until November 22, according to the diploma consulted by Lusa.


The provisional presidential decree that provides for measures to alleviate the effects of the covid-19 pandemic on the prices of essential goods is valid for 70 days, from the date of publication (14 September), which means that it lasts until 22. from November.

The diploma aims to alleviate the worsening of prices in the country, which is heavily dependent on imports, including essential food products.

The measures aim to increase the national production of essential goods for large consumption, reduce the cost of imports and increase the speed of flow and supply of essential goods throughout the national territory, "removing all administrative obstacles in the circuit of acquisition and distribution of these goods" .

With regard to the tax relief measures, the settlement and payment of customs duties due for the importation of rice, pork, dried beef, chicken leg, corn grain, powdered milk and cooking oil are suspended.