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Sonangol and Diestman Marine complete sale of 30 percent stake in Sonadiets group

Sonangol, the state-owned oil company, and Diestman Marine on Wednesday completed the signing of the public deed and the sale agreement for 30 percent of Sonangol Holdings' stake in the Sonadiets group.


In a statement, the public company said that the act was the result of "a long negotiation process" between the two companies, under the national oil company's restructuring program.

The program guides the company to focus on the oil sector value chain, in line with the need to resize the public business sector, in accordance with the privatization program approved by the executive.

Sheltered for the same purposes, the note emphasizes, Sonangol also has several other assets under sale, in which the privatization processes through the transfer of exploration and management mode, with an option to buy hotels, of which the HCTA, Suite Maianga, Florence and RioMar stand out, whose public tenders were launched on September 17 and for which proposals are expected within the next few days.