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Calabeto, Daniel Nascimento and Ary on stage at Expo Dubai 2020

The Portuguese Language will be in the spotlight at Expo Dubai 2020. The fair will host the "Lusofonia Festival", where several Lusophone artists will take the stage. The colors of Angola will be represented by several national artists, including Calabeto, Daniel Nascimento and Ary.

: Karim Sahib/AFP
Karim Sahib/AFP  

"The Portuguese Language Festival is a contribution to the dissemination of this language, apparently unknown, but spoken on four continents, constituting a real bridge of union between these peoples," said the Commissioner-General of Angola for Expo Dubai 2020, Albina Assis Africano.

In an interview to Forbes and quoted by Platinaline, the responsible indicated that there will be "the opportunity to take to this event the music of our portuguese-speaking countries, painting, samba, semba, gastronomy, culture and a range of artists that will represent us, including Gelson Castro, Andreia Gâmboa, Guilherme Mampuya, Calabeto, Daniel Nascimento, Ary, and many others".

She also made it known that although Angola and Portugal are in charge of the organization, all portuguese-speaking countries will have an active role in the event.

About the investment that the country is doing to participate in the event, Albina Assis Africano indicated that "times are difficult" and that they do not want to "spend a lot of money" and therefore are "betting on everything that is local".

Expo Dubai starts on October 1st and will last until March of next year. The "Lusofonia Festival" takes place between October 14 and 16.