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Angolan student wins awards at brazilian film festival

Angolan student Blandine Klander won two awards at the Remígio Street Film Festival in Brazil. The angolan student participated with a short film and a documentary, both of which won the "Best Film by Popular Jury" award.


"We participated with a short film as title 'Janela sobre Sonho' and with a documentary 'A Juventude e o Desemprego' at the 4th Remígio Street Festival in Brazil," the student wrote on his Facebook.

In the post, Blandine Klander announced that during the special showcase, the documentary had an honorable mention by the jury, winning the award for "Best Film by Popular Jury."

"The film 'Window On Dream' won Best Film by Popular Jury," he added.

The documentary addresses the problem of the lack of jobs that young people face. The short film tells the story of a 40-year-old woman who becomes an actress because the love of her life falls in love with her younger sister.

Blandine Klander is currently studying Cinema and Television at the Instituto Superior Politécnico Metropolitano de Angola, writes Platinaline.