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Insofar art gallery opens in Lisbon with exhibition by Edson Chagas

The new art gallery Insofar is opening in Lisbon on September 17 with an exhibition by the angolan artist Edson Chagas, who participated in the Angola pavilion, winner of the Golden Lion at the 2013 Venice Art Biennale.


The new Lisbon contemporary art gallery is located at Rua Capitão Leitão, No. 53, in Marvila, and was founded by Hugo Carvalho, in co-direction with Inês Valle, both with a trajectory in the sector that covers countries such as Angola, Australia, Nigeria and the United Kingdom.

The commercial space will open with the exhibition "Muxima", by Edson Chagas, curated by Inês Valle, also marking the first individual exhibition of the angolan artist in Portugal.

Edson Chagas became known after his series "Found Not Taken" was presented in the Angola Pavilion, winner of the Golden Lion in the "Best National Pavilion" category at the 55th Venice Biennale in 2013.

The Angolan artist's work was part of the curatorial project created by Paula Nascimento and Stefano Pansera - entitled "Luanda, Encyclopedic City" - based on photographs captured by Edson Chagas in the capital of Angola.

Edson Chagas, 44, was also one of the three finalists selected for the 2015 Novo Banco Photo Award, having presented, at the time, a work that brought together photos and a video on the various uses of a beach on Cape Island, developing a reflection on the perception that people have of places.

According to a statement from the Insofar gallery, the goal of the new project is to "inspire global audiences in their quest to understand the power, beauty and complexity of diversity, with international programming that aims to challenge stereotypes and recast the correlations between artist-work-public."

The exhibition "Muxima" will be on view at the gallery until October 16.