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Exposition of digital painting pays tribute to Agostinho Neto

The Talatona Convention Center, in Luanda, hosts during this month of September an art exhibition which aims to honor the country's first President, Agostinho Neto. Entitled "Still my dream", the exposition is composed for 21 workmanships, between which paintings, digital illustrations, artistic installations and a documentary.

: Platinaline

Framed in the celebrations of the National Hero and to mark the 99th anniversary of the first President of the country, the exhibition was inaugurated last Monday, September 6, and will be available to the public until September 30.

The exposition counts on the signature of the artists Jurema Ramos "Vastok" and Jamil Ramos "Parosol", that they had intended to homage Agostinho Neto making bridge between its thought and workmanship.

Jamil Ramos, cited by Angop, revealed that the exhibition is constituted by eight paintings, five digital illustrations, seven artistic installations and a documentary, that portrays the artistic height until practically the end of life of the first Angolan President, in a choice of poems that belong to the workmanship "Still my dream".

"We think it is a great honor to honor the author, who is considered one of the main figures of the country in the twentieth century, and through his writings, in a way, eternalize his achievements," said the artist.

Already Jurema Ramos said that the exposition is a "trip" for the literary set of Agostinho Neto and intends to transmit the message of its thought in the "Still my dream".

"We feel ourselves satisfied for the exposition, therefore it is a motivating factor so that we can continue to create, therefore it is a pride to portray the workmanships of Agostinho Neto", it completed.