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BNA determines commission of one percent for withdrawals at ATMs

The National Bank of Angola has already defined rules for withdrawing money through automatic payment terminals (TPA) determining a commission of one percent of the value for withdrawals not associated with purchases, with a minimum of 50 kwanzas.


In recent months, floods at bank branches and ATMs (Multicaixa) have made life difficult for those who want to raise money or do banking transactions with bank customers, having to wait for long periods of time or travel several kilometers to get it. raise money.

In view of the constraints, Angolans have been looking for alternatives such as raising money through TPA, associated or not with making purchases in a commercial establishment, an activity that was not regulated until now.

In Instruction No. 12/2021, published on its website, the BNA defines the rules for the provision of the new service, which comprises three types of operations: purchase with withdrawal from TPA and withdrawals with or without a TPA card.

In purchase transactions with TPA withdrawal, with or without a card, customers will not have to pay any commission.

Anyone who wants to withdraw money without an associated purchase will have to add one percent of the withdrawal amount, which will be automatically transferred to the merchant's bank account, with a minimum value of 50 kwanzas.

Merchants will not be able to charge any other commission.

Returns can only be made for amounts relating to a purchase of goods or services, and a refund cannot be made on a withdrawal, regardless of whether the withdrawal was made in conjunction with a purchase.

These operations are activated in the merchants' APTs by the commercial banks that provide the APTs, through a contract that stipulates the obligation to display the availability of this service and ensure the authenticity and quality of the notes delivered to customers.

Banks are obliged to make this service available to merchants who request it within 30 days, and those who are not yet certified must comply within 90 days from 14 September.