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Police detained 2735 people in a crime-fighting operation last month

The police authorities detained 2735 people, from July to the present date, as part of an operation, called “Cacimbo”, carried out to combat the increase in crime in the country, with emphasis on homicides.


The results of the operation started on 2 July last and which should end in September, were presented by the Criminal Investigation Service (SIC), which decided to carry out this action after analyzing statistical data on the levels of crime recorded in the January period. to June, throughout the country, with a greater tendency to Luanda.

In the period in question, 811 micro operations were carried out, which allowed the clarification of 1,588 crimes of different nature, which led to the arrest of 2,735 elements, as well as the dismantling of 20 criminal associations.

Among the crimes clarified, following investigations, police authorities highlight 50 homicides between January and June this year, of which 31 were qualified, 13 were simple, six were negligent and two were attempted murders.

The list also includes 328 robberies, 190 thefts, five offenses to physical integrity, 42 drug trafficking and sale, including cocaine, cannabis and narcotics, 31 trafficking and possession of prohibited weapons, 16 forged documents, 22 sexual assaults, 17 sexual abuse of children under 14, 13 frauds for fraud and nine associations of criminals.

Nine cases of use of false documents, four car thefts, three kidnappings, and one attempted theft are also on the list.

The balance sheet also highlights the clarification of 342 crimes of an economic nature, which allowed the arrest of 334 elements, of which 74 foreigners were fundamentally involved in the violation of the rules for regular supply to the consumer public.

In the period in question, various means were seized, being 157 firearms of different models and calibers, 39 magazines, 161 ammunition, an explosive device (F-1 grenade), 141 vehicles of different makes and models, 161 motorbikes, 74 mobile phones , 994,831 kilograms of narcotics, 29 grams of cocaine, and 173,398 liters of fuel.

The highlight for the most relevant crimes clarified goes to the kidnapping case, which competed with voluntary homicide, on 26 July this year, in the Rocha Pinto neighborhood, in an action carried out by three elements already detained, aged between 22 and 45 years old.

The detainees are suspected of killing a 15-year-old, who they executed and later burned "with the intention of leaving no traces", the statement said.

According to the investigations, the motive of the crime was the extraction of the male genital organ for a supposed witchcraft ritual.

"In this sense, it is important to emphasize that it was not a question of trafficking in human organs, as is being talked about in social networks and some media, as this fact, as a criminal type, would lack other presuppositions that are present", stresses the note.

Another aggravated homicide, in June, in Luanda, by the firing of an AKM-type firearm, involved in the theft of the vehicle, was also clarified after investigations.

The crime took place inside a residence and the victim was single, 45 years old, and a nurse at the Américo Boavida Hospital. Four citizens, aged 21 to 31, are in custody, found with the victim's cell phone.

"As for the crimes of homicide in Luanda, note that information on the recording of 35 homicides is unfounded, as circulated in an audio on the networks, as even in the country, 35 homicides have never been registered in a single day", the note reads. .

Despite the numbers, the SIC characterizes as "stable" the public security situation in the country, and particularly in Luanda.