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Ultraviolet device 'made in Angola' used to combat covid-19

Rui Santos, an Angolan engineer, created a device that can eliminate microorganisms from surfaces. The 'device', which works on the basis of ultraviolet rays, is a discovery that will help fight covid-19, since in a few minutes it is possible to leave a clean surface free of microorganisms.


The engineer revealed that the entire process of manufacturing, consulting, validation and certification of the device - which is already used, since 2012, by the water treatment company Gotapura - was the result of his own investment.

Affirming that "the goal is not only to serve the domestic market," but to move towards the global market, the Angolan, in statements to the Angolan Public Television (TPA), admitted that it is no longer possible to manufacture the device on a large scale.

For now, the device costs 190,000 kwanzas, but the goal is to start mass production, making the price cheaper and more attractive.