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Marcolino Moco says that proposed dismissal of João Lourenço warns of “very serious aspects”

Former prime minister Marcolino Moco considered this Friday "very interesting and far-reaching" the initiative to remove the President, especially in political terms, considering that the request indicates "very serious aspects" that are happening in Angola.

: Facebook Marcolino Moco
Facebook Marcolino Moco  

"In political terms, there is no doubt that it is a very interesting initiative, at least through this attitude attention is being drawn to very serious aspects that are happening in the country at the initiative of the President of the Republic, João Lourenço", said this Friday Marcolino Moco, in statements to Lusa.

He stressed that his comment is not intended to defend whether or not the President should be removed from office, but that UNITA's legislative initiative "comes to the time to, at least, shake national and international society in order to warn that what is happening in Angola is very serious".

"The President (of the Republic) João Lourenço is blatantly killing the judicial mechanisms, in the light of day, everyone watching", said Marcolino Moco, stressing that with his dispatches the head of state is creating "a great economic monopoly".

For the former prime minister, through presidential dispatches, João Lourenço, re-elected in 2022 for a second term of five more years, "is pulling the ember for all his sardines, in economic terms, without looking at the consequences".

"I am referring to the great economic monopoly that he is creating, it is impoverishing the country and freezing the country's blood: the currency does not circulate, hunger, indigence, unemployment increases", he pointed out.

Moco, who was once secretary general of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), also criticized João Lourenço, also president of the MPLA, for "throwing himself" into the companies of the children of former president José Eduardo dos Santos.

"There are a whole series of questions that, in general, are raised by the outline of UNITA's accusation that, at least, give the feeling that, after all, the opposition is aware and is raising the situation of the seriousness of the issues that are going on in the country in the person of President João Lourenço", he insisted.

The National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) presented, on Wednesday, a proposal for an initiative to prosecute and dismiss the President, João Lourenço, for allegedly having "subverted the democratic process in the country and consolidating an authoritarian regime that threatens peace".

The initiative of "Impeachment" (dismissal) of João Lourenço was presented at a press conference by the parliamentary group of UNITA.

Doctrinal, constitutional and political performance foundations constitute the axes of UNITA's initiative, referring that João Lourenço's governance "is against democracy, against social peace and against national independence".

And in reaction, the MPLA accused, on Thursday, UNITA of being "irresponsible" and wanting to rise to power "without legitimacy", stating that its deputies will take measures to prevent parliament from being instrumentalized.

For the UNITA initiative – which has only 90 deputies – to pass the scrutiny of the parliamentary plenary, where the MPLA holds the majority, two thirds of the deputies in office should vote in favour.

Questioned whether the UNITA initiative has the conditions to advance, before the parliamentary majority of the MPLA, Marcolino Moco referred that even if the initiative may not result from the legislative point of view, in political terms it has "a great reach".

"This type of act is not always valued for the consequences it may have, I, for example, am a jurist, but not just a formalist, I look at law and justice not as a value in itself, but as a means", he noted.

But, in political terms, he continued, "it is not necessary for the consequences of this action to be effective, which at first looking at the constitutional plan, especially in the material plan, there is still no courage within the MPLA", he pointed out.

Regarding the reaction of the MPLA, Marcolino Moco considered that it reflects the "same behavior of these (leaders) claiming to be the inventors of democracy and founders of the nation".

"We have already seen the response now from the MPLA, which reflects the same behavior, that they are the inventors of democracy, they are the founders of the nation, a completely wrong concept and that must be abandoned if we really want to have a country for all", he defended.

Marcolino Moco added: "Nobody founded the nation, this is a political slogan that is not completely forbidden to say, but it cannot be accepted as something effective, nobody created the nation, it was created throughout history".


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