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OEC Angola invests in the formation of young nationals

OEC Angola presented, to a group of 11 young workers, training that aims to strengthen their skills in areas such as engineering, management, administration, and administrative services.


The training, which includes young people up to 35 years old, belongs to a global program of the OEC, called Youth Development Program, "in which, in addition to young Angolans, another 39 employees from other countries participate.

According to a statement sent to VerAngola, because this is a worldwide training program, it will be given online, "allowing the active participation of young people from different countries.

The note explains that the choice of young people was based on criteria of "adaptability, the ability to work in teams, creativity, motivation, training and specific knowledge in the areas in which they work, as well as the potential to integrate more complex projects and to lead them in the future.

The training starts on August 23 and will end next year, on April 1, 2022. "Each of the modules will be taught for two weeks, with participants then taking a two-month break to assimilate the teachings, learning, and training before moving on to the next module," the statement said.

The training was presented on July 23 by Danilo Trinchão, financial administrator and head of planning and human resources at OEC Angola, who stressed "the importance of absolute commitment to the project and the results, so that in the end everyone feels more prepared, more capable and ready to take on leadership positions in relevant projects in their area of intervention.

According to the statement, at the time, the young people were enthusiastic and expressed their "willingness to strengthen the name and competence of the OEC wherever they go.