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Téte António assumes presidency of the CPLP Council of Ministers

The head of diplomacy takes office this Friday as president of the Council of Ministers of the Community of Portuguese Language Countries (CPLP) and will present the priorities of the future Angolan presidency to the heads of diplomacy of the organization's member states.


The 26th ordinary meeting of the CPLP Council of Ministers takes place in Luanda, on the eve of the Summit of the organisation's Heads of State and Government, in which Angola will assume the presidency of the community.

Therefore, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Téte António, will be elected and will take office as president for the 2021-2023 biennium, succeeding the head of Cape Verdean diplomacy, Rui Alberto de Figueiredo Soares, according to the agenda statement. .

In this Council of Ministers, which in the opening and closing sessions will be attended by representatives of the 19 CPLP associate observers (18 countries and one organization), draft resolutions and declarations will be approved, as well as recommendations that will go to the summit in Saturday.

The minister of Foreign Affairs, Communities and Regional Integration of Cape Verde, a country that, since 2018 and until Saturday, has been the CPLP's rotating presidency, will intervene in this Council of Ministers, as will his successor, Téte António.

At the meeting of heads of community diplomacy, the candidate, designated by Timor-Leste, to be the new executive secretary of the CPLP for the 2021-2023 biennium, the former Timorese minister Zacarias Albano da Costa, who should be elected and take office, will also be presented. possession during the summit.

In addition, the report of the outgoing executive secretary, ambassador Francisco Ribeiro Telles, and recommendations from the last meeting of the CCP - Permanent Consultation Committee (meeting of ambassadors representing the CPLP member states), which took place on Thursday, will also be considered. in Luanda.

According to diplomatic sources, who participated in the CCP meeting on Thursday, the latter gave a favorable opinion to the final processes of candidacy for associated observers from India and the G7, which should also be considered in this Council of Ministers and will attend the summit, and Paraguay's already announced candidacy will remain outside, the process of which has not been completed.

According to the same sources, a guiding document on economic cooperation, the new bet of the Angolan CPLP presidency, which on Thursday received a favorable opinion from the CCP, should also be approved in this Council of Ministers.

At the meeting, the Angolan ambassador to the African Union, Francisco da Cruz, will make a presentation on the "Strategic Importance of the Luanda Biennial".

The recommendations of the Food and Nutritional Security Council (Cosan), an entity that aims to promote the relationship between various sectors and social participation in the coordination of policies, legislation and action programs for food and nutrition security, thus contributing to materialize the priority, established in the Strategy for Food and Nutritional Security (ESAN), of combating hunger, malnutrition and poverty in the CPLP, will also be appreciated at the meeting.

The date and place of the XXVII Ordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers should already appear from the meeting.

At the Luanda Summit, which takes place on Saturday, Angola will assume the rotating presidency of the organization, succeeding the Cape Verdean presidency, with the motto "Building and Strengthening a Common and Sustainable Future".

According to the CPLP statutes, the conference, constituted by the Heads of State and/or Government of all Member States, is the highest organ of the CPLP, which ordinarily meets every two years, and which is responsible for defining and guide the general policy and strategies of CPLP.