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João Lourenço creates commission to change the country's political-administrative division

The President wants to change the administrative political division of the country, focusing on the provinces of Cuando Cubango, Lunda Norte, Malanje, Moxico and Uíje, having created for that purpose a multi-sectorial commission that will propose new territorial limits.


According to the presidential order signed by João Lourenço, in addition to this attribution, the commission will have to inventory the relevant administrative, economic and social equipment and carry out a survey of civil servants and main public investments in progress or in preparation in the provinces that are the object of the work.

It should also prepare the proposed law amending Law No. 18/16, of 17 October (Law on the Political-Administrative Division), prepare a budget proposal and public investment program for 2022 in these provinces and propose "others necessary measures for the realization of the political-administrative division and the installation of the organs of the local administration of the State".

The order justifies that, "in some aspects, the current political-administrative division appears to be inadequate and inadequate for an efficient management of the territory and the satisfaction of collective needs".

With the adjustment of this division, "a greater approximation of the administrative entities to the citizens and a fairer and more balanced management of the national territory" is expected.

The commission, coordinated by the Minister of State and Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic, Adão de Almeida, includes the ministers of Territory Administration, Interior, Finance, Economy and Planning, Justice and Human Rights, and Transport .

Also represented on the commission are the ministers of Public Works and Spatial Planning, Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication, Education, and Health, as well as the governors of the provinces involved.

The commission has its own budget and must present the schedule of activities to the President of the Republic within 20 days after the publication of the presidential order.