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João Lourenço received CASA-CE leader at the Presidential Palace

Social and economic issues dominated the audience that the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, granted this Thursday, to the leader of the CASA-CE electoral coalition, Manuel Fernandes, at the Presidential Palace.


In the social domain, the conversation focused mainly on the situation of malaria, which the country is facing, and the hunger and drought that afflict the populations of the south of the country, says a government statement that VerAngola had access to.

"The country is going through a difficult time with the disastrous consequences that result from malaria, the situation of the economy in a very precarious situation, the difficult situation in the south of the country, where hunger and drought plague families, in short. It is a list of problems. that we approached with the President of the Republic," informed Manuel Fernandes, who was accompanied by members of the coalition's leadership.

The leader of CASA-CE said that they presented contributions to the President of the Republic that they hope to help mitigate the difficult situation that the country is going through.

"He also took good note of what we intend to contribute to mitigate the difficult situation that the country is going through," he said.

Manuel Fernandes was recently elected leader of the CASA-CE party coalition, succeeding André Mendes de Carvalho "Miau".