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Constitutional Court releases list of candidates for election

The lists of candidates from the seven political parties and a coalition competing for the general elections are already posted on the door of the Constitutional Court and available on the website for consultation by voters.


In the run up to the general elections on 24 August are the political parties Movimento Popular de Libertação de Angola (MPLA), União Nacional para a Independência Total de Angola (UNITA), Partido de Renovação Social (PRS), Frente Nacional de Libertação de Angola (FNLA), Aliança Nacional Patriótica (APN), Partido Humanista (PH) and Partido Nacionalista da Justiça em Angola (P-NJango) and Convergência Ampla e Salvação de Angola – Coligação Eleitoral (CASA-CE).

The director of the Office of Political Parties of the Constitutional Court, Mauro Alexandre, when taking stock of the process of submitting candidacies, said that the posting of the lists aims to publicize the candidates for the legal possibility of the candidacies being challenged.

"A political party can challenge the candidacy of another political party if it understands that there are enough elements to that effect," he said.

Mauro Alexandre stressed that once this phase is over, it is followed by the supply of eventual insufficiencies, irregularities and deficiencies that the candidacies may present, within a period of ten days, between 26 June and 5 July.

"It is a phase in which the candidates that present insufficiencies have the opportunity to supply these needs, bringing the necessary documents to complete the process, to see their processes admitted by the plenary of the Constitutional Court", said Mauro Alexandre.

The process of submitting candidacies to the Constitutional Court began on the 6th of this month, with the MPLA being the first political formation to submit its candidacy, and ended last Saturday, with the delivery of the candidacy of the P-NJango party.

Angola will hold its fifth general election on 24 August, with 13 political parties, five of which are affiliated.

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