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MPLA guarantees approval of revision of the Constitution

The MPLA said that its qualified majority will "guarantee the final approval" of the Constitutional Revision Bill, in the plenary session on the 22nd, augurning for the "favorable vote" of the opposition.


The Constitutional Revision Law Project, which emerges from the proposal to revise the Constitution presented by President João Lourenço, is going to the final and global vote in the ninth ordinary plenary of the Angolan parliament scheduled for the 22nd of this month.

The deputy of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola and rapporteur of the Constitutional Revision Law Project, Virgílio Tchova, praised the discussion of the legal diploma in the specialty commissions.

According to the deputy, the discussions in the specialty on the 40 articles proposed by the President have been "intense and heated", considering that among the deputies there is "more converging and unanimity points of view during the approval of the articles".

"During the discussions, there are many more converging points, so much so that most of the articles voted were all unanimously, except for two or three, which is normal in a democracy, but what is highlighted here is the unanimity in which most were approved part of the articles," stated Virgílio Tchova.

Discussion and voting on the Constitutional Revision Bill, in particular, began on the 3rd of this month.

Regarding the final and global vote on this Bill of Constitutional Revision, scheduled for the 22nd as the sole point of the plenary meeting, the deputy referred that, "at least, the MPLA has guaranteed its qualified majority and, therefore, we have guaranteed approval".

"Now what we want is for the other opposition parties to be able to accompany us, as has already happened in general, because we are dealing with a structuring law that is only the mother law of our country", he said in statements to journalists.

Asked about the "concerns" still raised, especially by the opposition, about "the real reasons" for the revision of the Constitution of the Republic (CRA), the deputy of the "comrades" assured that "there are no reasons for fear".

Last April, the President announced a punctual revision of the CRA with the objective, among others, of clarifying the mechanisms of political oversight, giving the right to vote to residents abroad and eliminating the principle of gradualism in municipalities.

"With this proposal for a punctual revision of the Constitution, the intention is to preserve the stability of its fundamental principles, adapt some of its norms to the current reality, keeping it adjusted to the political, social and economic context, clarifying the political inspection mechanisms and improving the relationship between the sovereign bodies, as well as correcting some insufficiencies,"

The proposal for the revision of 40 articles of the CRA, after being approved in general by the deputies, took the form of a Bill of Constitutional Revision and is being discussed in the specialty.