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Police arrested group that forged vaccine cards

The Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) detained five citizens, who falsified vaccine cards and tests against covid-19, in the municipality of Cazenga and elsewhere in the city of Luanda, police authorities said.


A press release informs that the group, after being heard by the Public Ministry, will be presented this Wednesday to the press, where more details will be given about the way of acting of the individuals.

According to information obtained by Lusa, the suspects, who began to be detained on the 8th of this month, are not part of the Ministry of Health and were also operating at the international airport, in Luanda, with one member of the group, the sixth, on the run. .

"We call on society in general to be aware that the covid-19 tests and the corresponding vaccine cards are authorized only by health professionals and are included in the covid-19 pandemic vaccination plan," the statement said.

Recently, the Ministry of Health issued a statement warning the population that it is not issuing covid-19 vaccine certificates, after noticing that some people are concerned about registering on their international vaccine cards.