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John was in prison for eight years without justification. He was released by an association and threatens to sue the state

João Vicente was arrested eight years ago for a crime that is not even a crime. The young man, who is currently 35 years old, was arrested on 12 April 2012 for allegedly maintaining a loving relationship with his employer's daughter.

: Novo Jornal
Novo Jornal  

The situation of João Vicente, a native of the province of Huíla, was denounced by the non-profit association Dilide - Direito, Liberdade e Democracia. In a statement to Novo Jornal, the president of this association, António da Fonseca, revealed that during the time João was in prison, he was never present in court.

António da Fonseca also made it known that after the maximum period, allowed by law, to keep a person in prison had expired, the authorities kept the young man in prison. During the eight years he was arrested, João Vicente was never entitled to legal proceedings.

When the association became aware of this case, it contacted the prosecutor José Rodrigues Cambuta, who had known about this illegality for years, writes Novo Jornal. After "a lot of pressure from lawyers" the young man was eventually released, said António da Fonseca.

He also explained that it was confirmed "in Viana prison, with the representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office, to be true the existence of a detainee in those circumstances. This is how we requested the immediate alteration of the measure of coercion, which hung over the individual, alerting him of the consequences that would come from it".

"Fortunately, and because no other position was expected, given the forcefulness with which the wronged person was defended, João Vicente's freedom was immediately restored", he added.

Although he is already free, the young man is unemployed. Feeling wronged, Jean Vincent let it be known that he was going to ask the state for compensation.

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