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Police have recorded 37 gunshot deaths in three years

The National Police recorded the deaths of 37 officers in the last three years out of a total of 129 officers who had been the victims of gunfire in clashes, 92 of whom were injured, announced on Saturday an official source.

: Lusa

According to the spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior, in the last few days the death of a herd was registered, among the various aggressions notified, during police interventions in the province of Luanda.

According to Valdemar José, who was talking about the situation of covid-19 in the country, the victim, 44 years old, a deputy chief of the National Police, was shot by individuals, was rescued in a hospital, but eventually died.

Among several cases of assaults on police officers, Valdemar José pointed to one recorded on Thursday in Cazenga, when the defence and security forces were trying to raise awareness among a group of citizens "who were in the late hours of the night consuming alcoholic beverages".

"They reacted against the defence and security forces, and a citizen projected a blunt object, which reached the view of a member of the National Police, who is in danger of losing that view and is now receiving hospital treatment," he said.

Also in the Marçal district of Luanda, a policeman was assaulted by a citizen when the defence and security forces "asked citizens who were consuming alcoholic beverages to collect themselves".

"The reaction of citizens was very hostile, with one of the citizens physically attacking a deputy chief of the National Police, to the point of fracturing his left upper limb, the citizen is detained," he said.

In the municipality of Viana, a policeman, who was reinforcing the 44th police station, was asked to rescue a citizen who was being assaulted, but the officers were received with shots.

According to Valdemar José, "one of those shots hit one of the policemen's facial area, entering the cheek area and leaving the nose area" and "the policeman is also receiving hospital treatment".

"Just this week, near the district of Luanda, in full patrol, the defence and security forces came across some citizens who were carrying out the theft of a car," said Valdemar José, adding that when they realised the presence of the authorities, they fired and hit "the leg of a policeman".

On Friday, a police patrol found a group of citizens, in possession of firearms, stealing a car, and they were also shot by meliantes, and one of the officers was shot in the buttock area.

"This projectile, unfortunately, crossed the bladder area and punctured, and that policeman was receiving hospital treatment," he explained.

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