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“Desperate” parents ask for PR intervention to help special education school

Parents and guardians, in Luanda, launch a “desperate cry for help” to President João Lourenço, to improve the teaching conditions of a special education school and the social condition of the students' families.


In a letter addressed to the President of the Republic, dated 6 May, which Lusa had access to, the group of parents and guardians of Escola do Ensino Especial nº 8.001 requested institutional support for the institution and its students.

According to the underwriters, the limitations resulting from the special condition of the children are, in themselves, a great challenge and impose difficulties on families, most of them in poverty and unable to afford private schools, difficulties that have resulted in several consequences.

The high degree of absenteeism and school dropout are among the consequences because, according to the scarcity of special education schools, children from the entire municipality of Kilamba Kiaxi, where school 8,001 is located, and from other municipalities have to travel long distances. to have access to education.

The classrooms of the school institution are "overcrowded and make teachers' work difficult".

The lack of school transport for students, many with limited mobility, due to physical disability, is also among the concerns of parents, referring that public transport does not exempt students with special needs and their companions from paying a ticket.

The group of parents and guardians says that the non-exemption in public transport "constitutes a huge constraint for families who cannot afford the daily trip of their children to school, having to prioritize the exam period".

They also complain of "accentuated degradation" of the social level, of the quality of life of people with special needs and their families, whose parents see their "salary discounted or lose their jobs because they have to accompany their children daily".

"Under the current conditions of transport and, at noon, take them back home, as they lack continuous monitoring and supervision, which is incompatible with complying with normal working hours", they say.

They also speak of "family breakdown and physical, psychological and emotional overload", especially for women, because "often the parent leaves the family because of the difficult and costly routine underlying the upbringing and education of special children".

"Pray" to the Angolan President that means of school transport be made available for children in special schools and that they and their companions are exempt from paying the ticket on public transport.

The need for special education schools to be provided with material for issuing school cards and "effective school lunches, for a good diet for these, due to the lack of families", are also among the requests.

They also defend that in the proposed law amending the General Labor Law, a clause on "special hours and protection against dismissal" for parents and guardians of students with special needs, an increase in classrooms and admission quotas for specialized teachers "to fill the current deficit".

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