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Golden Globes are back and reveal 116 nominees for the 3rd edition

With a gala scheduled for the 29th of this month, the Golden Globes Angola 2022 have now revealed their nominees, whose categories range from theater to sport, with cinema being awarded for the first time.


There are 116 creators, artists, writers and other personalities divided into 29 categories and eight areas of activity, in a total of 32 distinctions. The objective is to recognize the excellence "made by Angolans and for Angolans", inside and outside the country, says the organization.

The list is thus filled by faces known to the public linked to theatre, sport, television, radio, fashion, music, literature, and cinema – the newcomer category.

The highlight is Gilmário Vemba, nominated for 'Best Actor' in the Television category for his participation in the program 'O Bar do Gilmário', broadcast on Fox World. Also Salvador Gordo (swimming) and Bruno Fernando (basketball), in the competition for the title of 'Best Male Athlete'. Also noteworthy are the names of Paulo Flores in the category 'Best Male Single Interpreter' and Ana Joyce or Ary as 'Best Female Single Interpreter'.

In the Cinema category, the success 'Ar Condicionado' earns Fradique a nomination for 'Director of the Year', with the film being one of the nominees for 'Film of the Year'. As far as fashion is concerned, international models Blésnya Minher, Sompa António, Amilna Estevão and Nádia Campos discuss the title of 'Best Mannequin'.

The organization has also planned three categories whose winner will be chosen by direct indication of the judges. One of them is the Golden Globe 'Impacto Social', which will be given to professionals and philanthropic projects in support of the Angolan population. Also the Golden Globe 'Excelência', for a professional, individual, institution or company whose work or project has been particularly impactful and/or relevant to the country, particularly in the last two years. And also the Golden Globe 'Ícone Nacional', given to an unavoidable figure in the country, for his career, history, influence and contribution to Angola, in his area.

The organization of the Golden Globes Angola is once again in the hands of Karina Barbosa, Sarchel Necésio and Kayaya Júnior. The 'Academia Globos de Ouro Angola' brings together the nomination consultants and juries, a group of invited personalities, specialized and recognized in the areas to be awarded. Some of the names are Marta Santos (writer), Rosa de Sousa (journalist and actress), Arlindo Macedo (Radialist), Detergente 'DT' (music producer) and Rânia Elawar (editor and fashion producer).

The delivery of the prizes is scheduled for Sunday, May 29, at Salão Xandy Eventos, starting at 9:30 pm. The awards gala will be broadcast live on national television and 'live streaming' via the Internet to the entire world.

The public is invited to vote, with the winners being chosen 50 percent by public vote and 50 percent by the academy of juries. You can vote here.

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