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Instant transfer system starts at the end of June

The instant transfer system will come into operation in Angola at the end of June, allowing transactions between banking and non-banking financial entities, announced the executive director of Emis, an interbank services company.


Pedro de Abreu, who was speaking at the Financial Inclusion for Development Forum, said that Emis will be an operator of the instant transfer system, stressing that the system is in the testing phase, with the first operations due to start at the end of next month. , "still in a controlled pilot".

For the executive director of Emis, this system is an initiative that is based on financial inclusion.

"This is a system that will aggregate banking financial entities with non-bank financial entities, that is, payment service providers, and its simplest version is to allow the transfer of funds between these service providers, or that is, whether banks or non-banks, and in this way serve as an interoperability platform", he explained.

According to Pedro de Abreu, with this initiative there is a basis for witnessing the increasing development and emergence of more and more mobile payment initiatives, "in addition to the initiatives of banks which are very important".

"I am of the opinion that traditional banking does not really provide the answer we need", said the official, adding that this initiative will bring more solutions to service providers that join.

With this system, Pedro de Abreu pointed out, it will be possible to access the ATM network (automatic teller machines) to withdraw money from mobile wallets, access the merchants' point of sale network, have access to all service and payment systems to the State that EMIS has, among other benefits.

"We, in this process as an operator, have a challenge that is to design the regulation of this system and when designing the regulation we create rules on how these service providers have to connect, but also how service people have to relate to the its customers, we will also be attentive to that", he stressed.

The executive director of Emis assured that the instant transfer system and the interoperability platform will have very low costs.

"Precisely because we know how to respond to the challenge of financial inclusion", he indicated.

The implementation of this new system is an initiative of the National Bank of Angola, with the aim of providing greater security and efficiency to payment systems, but also increasing levels of financial inclusion", as well as increasingly developing mobile payments, which relied on at the time with around one million adherents across the country, said, in January this year, the governor of the Angolan central bank, José de Lima Massano.

José de Lima Massano highlighted that with this system it will be possible to carry out transactions between different platforms of mobile payments, a procedure similar to the operation of debit cards of the multicaixa network, in which operations are carried out independently of the bank issuing the card.

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