Ver Angola


Jurist Florbela Araújo is proposed by the MPLA for the position of Ombudsman

Jurist Florbela Araújo is the name proposed by the MPLA Parliamentary Group for Carlos Alberto Ferreira Pinto's place in the Ombudsman.


It is recalled that Carlos Pinto recently presented his resignation to the president of the National Assembly, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos, having mentioned personal reasons. The now ex-Ombudsman has been in office since January 2018.

The ruling party therefore proposes the name of Florbela Araújo as Ombudsman, having also appointed jurist Aguinaldo Guedes da Costa Cristóvão as deputy Ombudsman, a position hitherto occupied by Florbela Araújo.

The jurist now proposed to the highest office of the Ombudsman was also legal advisor to the President of the Republic.

According to Angop, the report and the resolution that approves the proposal of these two names were considered and voted by the I and IV commissions of the National Assembly and will be submitted to the plenary of the Parliament for final vote, on a date to be announced.

The post of Ombudsman assumes itself as an independent public entity, with the main role of defending the rights, freedoms and guarantees of citizens. It is assumed that it ensures, through informal means, the justice and legality of the Public Administration's activity.

The Ombudsman is elected by the National Assembly for a term of five years - renewable only once - by resolution of the absolute majority of the deputies in office.