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Cuando Cubango gains first center for scientific research, natural resources and wildlife

The province of Cuando Cubango won, on Thursday, the first center for scientific research, natural resources and wildlife. Inaugurated yesterday, May 13, and named "Kupolola", this center will help collect and process materials for scientific research, thus fostering the province's development.


"With the creation of this scientific institution we are exactly giving meaning to the term progress because we understand that development is intrinsically linked to science", considered the province's governor, Júlio Bessa.

Speaking to Rádio Nacional de Angola, the governor stressed that there is no progress without science and, for this reason, "Cuando Cubango wants to be at the forefront of research.

"About 95 percent of our province is covered by forest. In this forest there are animals, there is fauna, flora, we have all the conditions to be leaders in research in our forest," he indicated.

The "Kupolola", a scientific institution, will work in partnership with research institutions in the country and abroad.

Among the institutions that will work with "Kupolola" is the University of Porto.

"Not only assessing the state of the animal populations, but with techniques ranging from satellite image analysis, artificial intelligence, genomic genetics, so all these areas, put at the service of Kupolola all these tools to enhance people," explained Pedro Monterroso, a representative of the university.

The province is rich in fauna and flora and, from now on, scientific studies will be carried out to better understand and conserve these natural resources.