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MPLA says that thefts from the public treasury will be greater if UNITA is Government

The MPLA secretary in the province of Cuanza Sul said that if one day UNITA becomes Government, thefts from the public treasury will be greater than those the party is fighting, the press reported.


Job Capapinha, quoted by Emissora Católica de Angola, stated that the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) "is the only hope of the people" and that the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) "does not have cadres capable of govern Angola".

"And, therefore, I reaffirm, to be clear: if the UNITA party, due to the people's mistake, one day becomes Government in this country, the embezzlement or theft from the public treasury will be greater than what the MPLA is fighting", said Job Capapinha, also governor of the province of Cuanza Sul.

"[With UNITA in power] there will be no punishments between them, because they will say that it is our turn to make up for lost time in the forests", accused the politician.

According to the member of the MPLA central committee, UNITA "never had, does not have and will never have an alternative program to the MPLA to govern Angola".

"It was like this in the past, it is like this in the present and it will be like this in the future," he added.

"The MPLA is the only hope of the Angolan people", he said, having accused Rádio Ecclesia – Emissora Católica de Angola – of being an "advanced propaganda committee" of the party founded by Jonas Savimbi.

"UNITA and its advanced propaganda committee, Rádio Ecclesia, have no idea what it means to govern, they don't know how to prepare and manage an OGE [General State Budget]", he stated.

Capapinha, who spoke over the weekend in the municipality of Quibala at the launch of the review assemblies and renewal of mandates for his party's action committees, also countered criticisms about his governance.

To his militants, the politician also said that in Cuanza Sul the "opponents and detractors" of the MPLA "always have" the same speech: All they know is that the MPLA has been in power for many years and must leave to make way for UNITA".

"They only know how to say that the MPLA and its Government are thieves and that they never finish the works and that when they are finished they don't last, because the rulers keep the money. They only know how to say that in Sumbe [the capital of the province] the people only eat dust, because Capapinha stole the money from the city's works", he concluded.

The governance of Job Capapinha, who, as governor of Cuanza Sul, has publicly assumed that he is a political activist, has been the target of several criticisms from politicians and local civil society, mainly due to the degrading condition of the provincial capital's road infrastructure.

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