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UNITA concerned about “strong campaign” against its leaders image and honor

UNITA expressed concern about "a strong campaign" to try to create "false attacking facts" on the image and honor of its leader, Adalberto Costa Júnior.


UNITA expressed concern about "a strong campaign" to try to create "false offensive facts" of the image and honor of its In a press release, the executive secretariat of the Standing Committee of the Political Commission of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA ) stresses that these attempts coincide with "the entry of such an intelligence and psychological action office into the Presidency of the Republic".

According to the country's second largest political force, the state of confinement, created by the current situation in the world, has, unfortunately, been used by the Government "to develop its strategy as the only political protagonist, to outshine the opposition".

"UNITA is particularly concerned with this group that represents a serious return to the one-party state or a state at war, supported by cunning devices of intoxication and propaganda, which threaten the plurality of political institutions and the freedom of citizens" , the document emphasizes.

According to UNITA, a psychological action office "is typical of dictatorial and totalitarian anti-democratic regimes", underlining that, "in democratic and legal states, the existence of such a structure is totally unacceptable".

The note emphasizes that "the Presidency of the Republic must be the organ of unity, reconciliation and representation of all citizens", but, on the contrary, testified that "the holder of this office, of the Presidency of the Republic of Angola, uttered blatant untruths , based on commissioned news, creating false scenarios, in the media, trying to attack the president of UNITA ".

UNITA clarifies that the party leader, who is also a member of the National Assembly, does not have unjustified absences in parliament, as stated in the minutes of the plenary sessions, contrary to what the head of the Office of Psychological Action of the Presidency of the Republic indicated.

On the problem that involved "the good name of the president of the National Assembly was not, near or far, an invention of UNITA", but resulted "from the investigation of a newspaper in the square, the Expansion".

"Unfortunately, there are several facts and data that indicate moves by the Presidency of the Republic to manipulate institutions, in the sense of obtaining party advantages, when the same institutions should be respectful and promoting democratic smoothness", the statement highlights.

In conclusion, UNITA reaffirmed its commitment to continue to fight for a reform of the State, "so necessary and urgent for the creation of institutions that really serve the citizen, freedom and democracy and cooperate for their development" leader, Adalberto Costa Júnior.

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