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Luanda Civil Protection denies report on causes of building collapse

The Provincial Civil Protection Commission of Luanda denied this Sunday the existence of a report on the causes of the collapse of a building on Saturday in the capital, stressing that the authorities will “present consolidated studies”


"The existence of an 'alleged' report that suggested possible causes that led to the collapse of the building, referenced in the press release by the company Fundinvest, was ruled out, and the competent authorities will present consolidated studies", according to a note from the Provincial Government of Luanda (GPL)

The six-story building belongs to the Fundivest Real Estate Investment Fund, which on Saturday released a statement pointing out as a possible cause of the collapse a "pipe rupture in the water distribution networks of the neighboring building", which contributed to the loss of support capacity foundation soil, citing a report by the Angola Engineering Laboratory.

The building was inhabited by 18 families who were relocated, with "the possibility of human victims being among the rubble of building 76-78 on Avenida Comandante Valódia practically ruled out, given that the authorities proceeded to evacuate the infrastructure in a timely manner and safely", adds the GPL communiqué.

Luanda's Provincial Civil Protection Commission admitted to finalizing operations on Sunday and suggested that the entity responsible for the building "reinforce dialogue with residents for subsequent steps".

From this Sunday's meeting, they point out, "the recommendation for greater approximation and dialogue between the private entity that owns the building and the residents' commission came out, especially with regard to responsibilities and subsequent agreements"

Fundinvest is managed by Eaglestone Capital, according to information available on the website of Banco Angolano de Investimentos (BAI), which marketed this closed-end real estate investment fund, launched on April 30, 2022.

"The Fund will direct its investments towards the acquisition of real estate assets, namely: acquisition of properties or autonomous fractions intended for housing, commerce, services, warehouses and industrial buildings, as well as surface rights, with the aim of promoting subdivision, construction and development of real estate ventures", reads the launch announcement.

Agência Lusa contacted Fundinvest, by email, to obtain clarification on the supposed report of the causes and ongoing negotiations with residents, with no response so far.

The authorities also informed that the stabilization of the adjacent building has already been carried out to allow for the studies, having started the placement of the fences, cleaning and opening of the avenue, so at this evening's meeting the commission should consider the work closed.

In the actions of searches and removal of rubble, 934 personnel and 92 means of civil protection services and firefighters, national police, Criminal Investigation Service and public and private construction companies were mobilized.

Preventively, on the 24th of March, between 6 pm and 10 pm, residents were made aware of the need to leave, given the imminent landslide, and relocated.

About four hours later, the building collapsed.

Several videos circulating on social media show the moment of the collapse and some people hurriedly fleeing, before the building, which also housed commercial establishments, crumbled into a cloud of dust.

Several vehicles were also destroyed.

This Sunday it was also announced that the authorities recovered almost 135 million kwanzas from the rubble of the building, an amount not yet claimed.

"The amount is in the custody of the authorities, after the seizure term has been formalized. Citizens who intend to claim the amount must do so under the terms of the law", advances the GPL.


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