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Red Tag celebrates Angolan Women and gives stage to the talent of Camizungo's artisans

Red Tag in partnership with the social project Artesanato Camizungo, decided to celebrate the "power and all the magic of the Angolan Woman". This Tuesday, March 2nd, the day that marked the Angolan Women's Day, the brand decided to "toast" the women with "a special gift, a piece of handicraft 100 percent national", made by several craftswomen from the village of Camizungo, in the municipality of Icolo and Bengo.


In a statement sent to VerAngola, Red Tag reveals that "baskets, baskets, bags and other handmade pieces, manually produced by hundreds of women who make up the rural and self-sustainable community of Camizungo, made the joy of several customers who visited the store on Tuesday, March 2, a date of high significance for the entire national female class.

One of the brand's customers, Filomena Patrício, was emotional and said she was very happy to have been gifted on such a special day. "Receiving a gift on this special day is wonderful. I am very happy, it is a commendable action that shows affection and respect for the Angolan woman", she said.

Filomena Patrício revealed that she was even happier to know that the pieces are made locally: "I was even happier to realize that these original pieces are designed locally, and better, by precious warriors like me. Certainly the acquisition of this gift, from Red Tag to us women, will represent a great support to many people. I am really thrilled," she added.

The note also reports that this action is part of the brand's social responsibility program and "reaffirms its commitment to supporting local communities." "Red Tag directly benefits hundreds of less fortunate families in the village of Camizungo, who daily seek solutions for their subsistence," the statement said.

The Camizungo Handicrafts project was launched in 2018 and has the signature of the NGO Actos Angola, a non-profit that works to promote "educational and entrepreneurship initiatives for social transformation" in the country.