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Angolan Armed Forces investigate incident involving a general and a woman

The General Staff of the Angolan Armed Forces announced this Wednesday the opening of an investigation to investigate an incident, disclosed on social networks, in which Lieutenant General Simão Carlitos Wala is seen scolding a woman.

: Lusa

The statement said that the events recorded on February 28 led to the initiation of proceedings by the Superior Council of Military Discipline, to ascertain the facts that were the basis of such a situation.

At issue is a video, in which the lieutenant-general appears in uniform, in a restaurant, scolding a woman, who is sitting at a table in the company of others, claiming that he was her "elder" and that she was the age of his daughter and owed him respect.

"I'm your elder, I don't allow that kind of thing, that's why the country is dehumanized. I'm saying 'come over here ma'am,' you're at my daughter's age and you didn't respect me," he says.

He also questioned the fact that the young woman allegedly disrespected him "in front of a foreigner," a white man who was in the same place, and emphasizes that he is a "general."

In the video, the lieutenant-general appears surrounded by uniformed military personnel, who tried to prevent people from filming the scene, and invites the woman to get up to go to the police, and a woman's voice is heard saying "don't touch me."

According to the document, the lawsuit filed "may result in appropriate accountability."

"As we understand that this is a public matter, which deserves due clarification, we reiterate that the Angolan Armed Forces have a healthy relationship with the people they come from and will continue to defend the legitimate interests of the nation, including the right to justice," the statement stresses.

The statement concludes by calling on the society to remain calm and not to be carried away by the "informative load with a speculative tendency" of the social networks, as the necessary steps have already been taken.

Simão Carlitos Wala, currently the head of the Main Directorate of Teaching and Instruction of the Army's General Staff, was also the commander of the military region of Luanda, when the Angolan Armed Forces announced the opening of an investigation to clarify an incident during demolitions in the capital, which resulted in the shooting death of a 14-year-old boy.

The general is also known for having led forces on the ground in the operation that culminated with the death of UNITA's founding leader, Jonas Savimbi, in 2002.