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Superior Council of the Judiciary asks for more attention to acts of vandalism

The president of the Superior Council of the Judiciary (CSMJ), Joel Leonardo, called this Wednesday for greater speed in handling cases and special attention to those involving the vandalizing of public property.

: Lusa

The magistrate was speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of 20 law judges, recently appointed as presiding judges of the district courts of Luanda, Belas, Dande, Sumbe, Cazengo, Cambambe, Benguela, Lobito, Amboim, Cela, Sumbe, Cuito, Andulo, Bailundo, Huambo, Lubango, Caconda, Matala, Moçâmedes, Tombwa and Cuanhama.

"This is one more step in the building of the rule of law and democracy," Joel Leonardo stressed, leaving a particular appeal to the president of the district of Luanda and Belas regarding issues related to the family.

The president of the CSMJ said that "there are citizens waiting for their divorces for more than five years", as well as heirs and interested parties who "urgently need statements to withdraw the money of the deceased from the bank", so the matter requires attention.

Regarding the remaining courts, Joel Leonardo asked for "a special look at the cases in which agents are involved in the vandalizing of public property," calling on newly-appointed judges to bring greater dynamism to provincial coordination meetings and greater speed in this type of case.

The head of the CSMJ asked the judges for "commitment and to bring justice close to the citizens".

"The presidents now sworn in have the mission of making access to justice a reality," Leonardo stressed, urging the judges to leave their offices and get closer to the citizens.

"This is a huge step in your career, turn problems into solutions, bring us solutions," he said, addressing the magistrates and recommending teamwork and unity "in which the most benefited is the citizen.

Lúcia Santiago, the only woman judge sworn in this Wednesday, stressed that, despite being the only female district president sworn in, "the universe of women judges in Angola is much larger.

The magistrate also pointed out that the objective of the creation of the district courts is to bring justice closer to the citizens: "Angola is a very vast country and with the entry into force of the district courts we have a country closer to the citizens.

The judicial system reform process foresees the replacement of 18 provincial courts by 60 district courts, 22 of which have already been implemented (Luanda, headquarters, and Belas, Dande, Sumbe, Cazengo and Cambambe, Benguela, Lobito, Amboim, Cela, Cuíto, Andulo, Bailumbo, Huambo, Lubango, Caconda, Matala, Moçamedes, Tombwa, Cuanhama, Cabinda and Buco Zau).

It is expected, soon, the implementation of the District Courts of Luena (Moxico), Menongue (Cuando Cubango), Saurimo (Lunda Sul) and the municipality of Cuango (Lunda Norte).