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Angola is official candidate to host 6th edition of Seedstars Summit Africa

Angola is on the list of possible countries to host the 6th edition of Seedstar Summit Africa 2020.

: Emanuel Feruzi
Emanuel Feruzi  

"After Morocco, Rwanda, Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa, Angola is officially a candidate as one of the potential eligible countries to host the 6th edition of the Seedstars Summit Africa 2020", revealed the organization of the event, in a statement sent to VerAngola.

Since 2015, the country has hosted five local competitions. The winning startups - Jobartis, Wi-Connect, Tupuca, Kubinga and Roque Online - received access to "training programs, mentoring and, in some cases, access to investment capital. Now you can host the Seedstars Summit Africa.

This event is considered "the highest point of the Seedstars World tour that extends over 30 African countries with the aim of promoting, educating and investing in technology and innovation entrepreneurs". The Summit brings together the best known figures in the fields of technology and entrepreneurship to channel "investment to the continent".

The document also states that the announcement of the chosen country will be made this Friday in Luanda by KiandaHuv - an organization that aims to "enhance the sustainable growth of technology-based startups.