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Scientists discover a species of snake-eyed lizard

A group of scientists discovered a new species in Angola. The new species is a reptile, belongs to the reptile family 'Sanake eyed skinks' - known as snake-eyed lizards.

: Ishan Agarwal/National Geographic
Ishan Agarwal/National Geographic  

The most recent discovery occurred in the sub-desert area of Maungo, Namibe province.

According to National Geographic, this lizard is about 10 centimetres long, its paws are quite simple and usually has no eyelids making its eyes always open like snakes - hence the broad-eyed snake name.

According to scientists, this species lives only in Namibe. Over the past eight years, the team of scientists has found eight new species in this area: three amphibians and five lizards. Among these species are two thorny lizards and an earless frog.

The most recent discovery thus allows experts to conclude that this region is full of still undiscovered species.