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Ministry of Industry and Trade investigates illegal import of wheat flour and corn

The Ministry of Industry and Trade is investigating the "surplus of wheat flour and maize" in the market for finding "indications" that the products have entered Angola "on the fringes" of the import rules.


In a note made public and that Lusa had access this Friday, the ministry guarantees to clarify the situation in the coming days, considering that it "threatens the efforts of the industrial sector in supporting and encouraging national production.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade the surplus of wheat flour and maize flour in commercial establishments and markets has been detected within the framework of a survey that the National Authority of Economic Inspection and Food Security (ANIESA) has conducted.

The actions of ANIESA, the body overseen by the said ministry, are part of "the Angolan executive's strategy to diversify the economy, reduce imports, protect national production and ensure food security.

Following the survey of the existing stock of some basic basket products, especially wheat and corn flour, ANIESA states in the document, "found a surplus that contradicts the official import licensing numbers.

"Therefore, it can easily be seen that there is strong evidence that the products in question have entered the national territory without complying with normal import procedures," reads the note.

Without specifying the amount of the surplus, the Ministry of Industry and Trade only commits to continue the work led by ANIESA, ensuring "to clarify the situation in the coming days.